WW11 German RAD Shoulder boards

WW11 Geramn RAD Shoulder Boards

WW11 German RAD Shoulder boards


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WW2 German RAD Shoulder Boards

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WW11 German RAD Shoulder boards

Pair of original shoulder boards from the RAD , Fieldmeister (Lt) Administrative Service .Sewn on boards all original pieces. Small amount of wear to the backs.

houlder boards

With certain exceptions, military officials (GermanMilitär-Beamte) wore shoulder boards similar to those of soldiers of equivalent rank, but distinguished by the addition of dark green elements: those equivalent to generals had a central cord in their braided shoulder boards which incorporated green chevrons, and those equivalent to officers wore a narrow green stripe between the rows of braid. WO-equivalent officials wore a complex braided shoulderboard made of green, black and silver cords. In nearly all cases the shoulderboard underlay was a double layer of dark green under Nebenfarbe, and metal pins with the HV (German abbreviation of Heeresverwaltung, “Army Administration”) cipher were worn.

Certain services had insignia of their own: for example the Feldpost (“Field Post Office”) wore shoulder boards with gold rather than green elements and the initials FP; and musical officials wore silver-and-red shoulder boards with a lyre insignia. Beamten in the employ of a military administration authority in the occupied territories wore MV (German abbreviation of Militärverwaltung, “Military Administration”) pins rather than HV ciphers.

Most officials wore in addition to their dark green Waffenfarbe a secondary colour (Nebenfarbe) denoting their branch:

In March 1940 distinct Nebenfarben were abolished and replaced with light grey.

WW11 German RAD Shoulder boards

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