WW2 London AFS Fireman Axe and case

WW2 London AFS Firemans Axe and Sheeth

WW2 London AFS Fireman Axe and case


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WW2 London AFS  Firemans Axe and Sheeth

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WW2 London AFS Fireman Axe and case

London AFS axe with wooden handle , has clearly marked on blade London AFS, and a number 5037. Also comes with its black leather with brass fittings carrier, this has two belt loops, and the main front brass hasp clip on the front. some of the stitching has gone to the edges but probably due to a lot of wear , due to this was probably used a lot during the London Blitz bombing during WW2.

It is nice to find a AFS marked axe , and obviously from the Blitz of London.

The Auxiliary Fire Service

As the political climate intensified in Europe during the late 1930s, an Act of Parliament was passed to authorise the formation of a voluntary fire service. The Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) formed in January 1938 and fire stations were set up in schools, garages and factories.

A recruitment drive was launched, with over 28,000 firefighters needed to support the Brigade’s 2,500 officers and firefighters. However, as most young men had joined the army, the AFS welcomed those too old or too young to go to war. It also marked the first time women joined the Brigade.

The first targeted air raid on London took place on 7 September 1940 and marked the beginning of the Blitz – a period when London was bombed for 57 nights in a row. For many AFS members, this was their first experience of firefighting.

Most of the bombings happened at night, meaning firefighters spent long hours extinguishing fires or dealing with explosions. Bombs on warehouses were especially dangerous due to highly flammable products such as alcohol and paint.

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