War & Peace – 23rd July – 27th July

War & Peace – 23rd July – 27th July

Yes, we are back this year for our busiest and most popular show, at the Hop Farm, Beltring or as they call it, War & Peace Revival.  This year’s event is from 23rd July to 27th July, and you can come and find us in row E, pitch 14-17.  We have a bigger marque this year to accommodate even more exciting stock, which includes our newest acquisitions of Picklehaubes from the first war,  Brodies, M16 helmets,  and a  C type flying helmet.  We also have a special collection for sale from over the water.  A large number of items from out of the sea at Dunkirk, which were bought up by an ex British diver in the 1960’s-70’s, which includes water bottles to helmets.  There are also some items from the beaches at D-day.  We have, this year, a private collection of lead solders, which are mostly boxed, very nice, and lots of them. Our Picklehaubes for sale this year include an officer’s Prussian, a lancers general Prussion, an artillery etc, all are in good condition, some with chin straps.  We always try to offer our customers a wide variety of items from both wars and before, such as our great collection of photographs and ephemera. We also have some amazing WW1 recruitment posters, along with our small items, used during these periods or made at the time.

We hope to see you at some point during this year’s show and if nothing else, come along for a chat, and you never know we may have that special item that you or a friend are looking for.

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