RAF C- Type Flying Helmet. ( 22c 880)

RAF C- Type Flying Helmet. ( 22c 880)

RAF C- Type Flying Helmet

RAF C- Type Flying Helmet. ( 22c 880)


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RAF C-Type Flying Helmet

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RAF C- Type Flying Helmet. ( 22c 880)

RAF C- Type Flying helmet Late Pattern. Stores no 22c/880 Size 4.

The leather is generally in good condition, still supple and clean outside with all its chrome fittings. All remaining straps are good if somewhat worn, the lining is soiled around the donuts and neck area due to use. The rubber receiver carriers are in good condition and still flexible. All the straps still retain elasticity. The helmet is fully wired although the outer tan cover is worn, 10A/13466 receivers.

Oxygen mask plug is fitted and all press studs intact. The helmet has had some wartime small area stitching around oxygen mask retaining studs, nice early repair. Part of the lining on top edge inside is damaged. Nicely marked with stores no.

RAF C- Type Flying Helmet. ( 22c 880)

n the first days of aviation the leather helmets used in motor-racing were adopted by pilots as head protection. The initial design of early leather flying helmets was adapted during the 1930s to become the type B helmet which enabled the external attachment of radio earphones, oxygen masks, and removable goggles to protect pilots’ eyes from the elements.[3]

By World War II, an oxygen mask was added to the equipment as planes flew higher where thinner air required a breathable air supply to the pilots and crew. After World War II into the Korean War, the leather headpiece was gradually replaced with a hard helmet needed as head protection during bailing out (and later with high velocity ejection).[5] Also, goggles were replaced by a visor that was incorporated to the helmet and tinted to protect against sun. Current head gear (appears after the Vietnam War) also includes communications equipment (head set and microphones) to let pilots communicate with ground operations and their crew.[6]

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