Napoleonic Prisoner of war Bone domino set. Rare 55 tiled set up to double 9.

Superb set of original bone dominoes, dated to the late 18th century, made by prisoners from the Napoleonic wars.
As many as 200,000 men were prisoners during this period and they would make and sell items which they could carve from Ox or mutton bone. The game of dominoes was unknown in Britain before the wars but rapidly spread and became a favourite in pubs and hostelries thanks to the french prisoners.
This set of dominoes is rare in that there are 55 tiles going up to double nine. They Vary in size and thickness slightly. They are typical of the period.
Perhaps the most attractive feature is the delicately carved wooden box. In great condition with a very slight warpin to the lid. The box includes beautiful ,inlaid, carved wooden straps.
The item comes with appraisal from Bonhams (1999).



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