AntiQurio Hire Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of goods by the Hirer or his authorised representative shall be acknowledged by written receipt.

During the period of hire, the Hirer is responsible for the hired goods and must insure against all risks.

The Hirer undertakes to keep and return the hired items in good condition ie. the same condition as when received.

The Hirer will be responsible for the return of goods and a signature must be obtained on return of goods.

The cost of repairs or replacement of goods damaged or lost during the period of hire will be charged to the Hirer.
Items lost or damaged beyond repair will be charged at the full risk value. It is the responsibility of the client to check RV prior to hire.

Repair costs will be at our discretion and valuation (see charges below*).

Risk value is the value determined by us covering replacement and potential loss of hire in the meantime.

Risk values of items not easily replaced or that will take some time to replace will have higher risk values.

Where part of an item is lost, the item will be a total loss if the missing part is unable to be replaced.

Goods are not to be modified or adapted unless by prior agreement.

Goods must not be used outdoors without permission.

Goods must not be placed on unclean surfaces or exposed to wet/damp conditions.

Delivery and collection of goods are not included in the hire charge..

Goods damaged beyond repair will be disposed of if not collected within 14 days.

Goods not returned by the due date will be invoiced for extended hire until such time as the goods are returned or the replacement value of the goods is received.

Exclusion & Limitation of Liability—To the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, the Hirer acknowledges and agrees that (a) no warranties (whether expressed or applied) are given with respect to the goods and that all liability and responsibility for their use rests with the Hirer (even if the

Hirer has given notice of the intended use of the goods): and (b) all the hiring company’s liability with respect to the goods and their use by the Hirer is hereby excluded.

If props are to be taken out of the country a deposit will be required.

A minimum Hire fee of £25.00 + vat is applicable.

Loss/damage invoices are payable by return. Extended hire fees are payable until loss/damage invoice has been paid in full.All items are hired on the assumption that the client agrees to the above terms and conditions.

*Repair charges must be carried out by our restorer and are as follows:

we reserve the right to charge an extended hire fee (with applicable discounts) to account for the item being unavailable for hire whilst being restored/awaiting restoration.

we reserve the right to charge delivery/collection to/from restorer if required.

Restoration is at cost but may take into account loss of hire.

an allowance may also be charged to allow for reduced retail value of item as a result of restoration.

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Selling Taxidermy

Antiqurio adheres to the strict laws that govern the trade in taxidermy, providing relevant licences where necessary.

If you are buying or selling taxidermy it is important to be aware of the legal requirements. Most items that pre date 1947 are considered ‘antique’ and do not require paperwork. However, there are some that despite their age are not exempt.

Further information can be found at DEFRA or THE TAXIDERMY LAW CO


Antiqurio offers a professional and quick delivery service with in-house packing and trusted global couriers in order to deliver your purchased items safely to your door. If you require a quote please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at darrenj.king@sky.com or by telephone on 07753 751789.

International Shipping

With an international client base we are extremely experienced at organising shipping on your behalf. The couriers we recommend are professional, reliable and offer an insured and secure service. If you are based abroad and would like a quote please contact us via e-mail at darrenj.king@sky.com

Return Policy

You may purchase merchandise from this Web site by using any one of the payment options listed Antiqurio reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you. Returns will only be accepted with prior notification and under 15 days from receipt of delivery. Photographic evidence of any alleged damage will be asked for in advance. This will be used in evidence to make a claim with the shipping carrier, if necessary. Buyers are responsible for return postage, this will not be reimbursed.